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 Battle System

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PostSubject: Battle System   Tue Jun 16, 2009 2:23 am

I am going to explain the Battle System as simple as possible.

So far we have 2 Dice that will be used. The "Attack First" Dice which will determine who will attack first and the "Attack Dice" which will determine the damage of the Attack.

There will be what we will call "Turn". Which will determine the identity of the Player/NPC. For example "KR Kabuto's Turn" or "Worm's Turn". Actually its a Turn based battle system.

An admin must be present in order for the battle to start. The Admin/Referee will calculate the damage and will determine the status.

I will be using Examples. Lets say a one on one. Kabuto vs. Worm. Kabuto is the Player and Worm is the NPC.
Quote :

HP: 1000/1000
SP: 100/100

Fighting Skills:

Normal Punch
Damage : 70~100~150

Normal Kick
Damage : 200~300~400

Rider Skills:

Rider Kick
Damage : 500~700~1000
SP Consumption: 40
Quote :

HP: 1000/1000
SP: 100/100

Damage : 200~400~700
SP Consumption: 5

Who will have the advantage of attacking first?

To Determine who will go first, Kabuto must choose between the 2 faces of the dice. Decade or Joker.
The Admin then will roll the Attack First Dice. If Kabuto chooses Decade and Decade's face shows on the dice roll, Kabuto will atack first. However if Jokers face was shown on the Dice Roll, The Worm will go First.


To Attack, All you need to do is state how your character will attack and then post the name of the skill that you used including its Information such as SP Consumption and Damage.


Quote :

Kabuto pressed the 3 buttons above his Zecter. "1", "2", "3", then he jumped against the wall and goes flying to the Worm, with the final pull on his Zecter says, "Rider Kick"...

Rider Kick
Damage : 500~700~1000
SP Consumption: 40

And after posting the attack, you can finally roll a dice once. Sometime in game there will be a special items that will help you attack twice or more. Just remember that 1 attack is equal to 1 dice roll. No more, no less.

Determining your Damage

For you to have any idea on what will be the damage to the enemy, its just simple.

The Attack Dice Number will determine your damage.

Failed = Your attack missed
1~2= Weakest damage
3~4= Normal Damage
5 = Highest Damage
6 = Critical Damage (In critical damage, it will be your Highest damage+Normal Damage=Total Damage)

So Example Damage on Kabuto's Rider Kick

Failed = Rider Kick Failed
1~2= 500 Damage
3~4= 700 Damage
5 = 1000 Damage
6 = 1700 Critical Damage

Blocking and Evasion

Blocking an attack can decrease the damage you will take. If lucky enough, you will be able to evade it.

The Attack Dice will determine the Damage Decrease or the Evasion. In this case, Even if you received Failed, you will be given another chance to roll a dice.(I will probably will fix this by creating a Blocking Dice but for now, just use the Attack Dice)

Failed = Just roll the dice again
1~2= 50% Damage Decrease
3~4= 70% Damage Decrease
5 = Evasion
6 = Parry

Note: The Attacker cant use this. Only the one that is being attacked will be able to use this Blocking Option.

Hit Points and Skill Points

Everyone who plays RPG knows this.

Your HP goes 0, you go down. Knocked out. When this happens you are outta the battle and will replenish when you enter other thread.

Your SP goes 0, and you unable to use skills. So try and be careful when using skills.

Fighting Skills and Rider Skills

Fighting Skills doesn't eat need the use of SP but will take time before you defeat the enemy.

Rider Skills are the skills that uses SP for special purposes like finishing the enemy.
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Battle System
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